[CASE] Kustmarathon Zeeland

Wind through the hair, salt on the lips and painful blisters: that is the Kustmarathon Zeeland. During the first edition in 2003 everything was arranged quite amateurish. By now the event has grown to the sportiest weekend in Zeeland with more than 11,000 athletes, divided over different sports.

Proud and satisfied across the finish line in the Langstraat in Zoutelande

The Kustmarathon Zeeland is known as the most beautiful and toughest marathon in the Netherlands. Wind, water and the Zeeland skies are the setting. The participants defy dunes, beach and unpaved paths. The Langstraat in Zoutelande undergoes a complete metamorphosis in the first weekend of October to welcome the proud and satisfied participants. A custom made medal is more than deserved!

Gaining inspiration in our showroom

When the organization of the Kustmarathon Zeeland visited us, they immediately got inspiration for the medal design. There are more than 100 medals in our showroom; all different medal options are presented. Kustmarathon Zeeland opted for an awesome relief, which was incorporated in all medals of the 2018 edition.

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6 custom made medals: distinctive, but still a unity

Kustmarathon Zeeland is in the meantime a marathon concept in the running world. But there's more! During the sportiest weekend of Zeeland, athletes from The Netherlands and abroad take action during the Kustmarathon, Ladies Run, Light Kustrun, Mini Marathon, Walking Marathon and MTB Tour. Distinctive sports activities, but still a unity. All activities use the same beautiful, but heavy, Kustmarathon course.

This is also reflected in the medal. Six custom made medals of the same size (70 mm) and with the same Kustmarathon Zeeland logo. Distinctive by giving each medal a unique look. For the LadiesRun, the basic color variant shiny silver was chosen, a pink colouring was used and a pink full colour ribbon completed the medal. And for the MTB Tour it was decided to use a matt silver basic colour with a cool black full colour ribbon. This MTB medal had, in contrast to the other five medals, no smooth round shape, but was designed as a bicycle tire.


Kustmarathon Zeeland offers its participants the opportunity to personalize the medal with Medaltab. A Medaltab is a unique engraved inlay that fits exactly in the recess on the back of the custom made medal. By offering this Medaltab service to the participants during registration, the organization receives an attractive cashback. And that without investment or risk!

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