Basic colour variations for custom race medals

As a basis for your sports medals you choose one of the ten colour variants. The colour variant is actually the basic material of your custom made medals. The colour variants are divided into three styles, namely Antique, Shiny and Matt, and then in the colours gold, silver and bronze. The tenth colour variant is Black Nickel.

Often, as an organizer, you already have a preference for a style and colour. The atmosphere of the event is decisive for the basic colour variant and how we design your personalised medals. For example, an obstacle run would rather opt for an Antique or Matt medal than for a Shiny medal. Some organizers choose event medals in different colour variants during one event, for example per distance: marathon medal, half marathon medal and 5k medals.

Antique medal

The Antique medal is the most chosen colour variant. The advantage of this style is the detail with which the medals can be designed and produced. The smallest details are also clearly visible. Do you want to use a photo as the basis for the design? Even then the Antique style is often the best. The Antique style can also be combined with a background structure or colouring.
Gold Antique medalSilver Antique medalBronze Antique medal

Shiny medal

The Shiny medal is often chosen for a somewhat tighter and more modern design. Processing a background structure or colouring can also give a nice effect. Small details are often less visible with this shiny style.
Shiny Gold medalShiny Silver medalShiny Bronze medal

Matt medal

The Matt medal gives a more luxurious look. For example, the Matt style is suitable for an anniversary edition of your event.

Matt goldMatt silverMatt bronze

Black Nickel

The colour variant Black Nickel is a specific colour variant, which can for example be used in combination with a bright coloration. This colour variant is mainly chosen by organizers of Night Runs or Scary Runs.
Black nickel

Combine two basic colour variations

It is possible to combine two basic colour variations in one medal. A good example is the bespoke running medal, which was designed and produced for the Athens Marathon, the mother of the marathon.

Different colour medal

Do you prefer to order medals and ribbons in a different colour? We can create a medal in any PMS colour you wish! Take a look at the page Styles & Features / PMS colour for more information about this medal option.

Set of honour medals (gold silver bronze medals)

On request we can deliver a set of honour medals in the same design. So, you will receive a set of gold silver bronze medals.
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