Medaltab information for events

With a Medaltab, the achievement and medal become really unique. Medaltab is a beautifully engraved inlay for your medal. The shape of the insert is based on the exact measures of your medal and it will fit perfectly into the special reserved space on the medal. Your participants will receive a personal engraved medal insert after the event with their name and time, distance or other desired text.

Full service: no extra work

You sell Medaltab automatically when you register your participants. Medaltab then takes care of the production, packaging and shipping. Any additional orders from participants can be processed via this website, even after your event. So no extra work for you during or after the game! In addition, you prevent queues during your event.

Extra communication

If your event has taken place, please send us the necessary data of your participants and we will take care of production and shipping. If you or your sponsor wants to use a special envelope or letter to congratulate the participant, just tell us and we will make a tailor made proposal for you. A great moment for aftersales and extra marketing possibilities!

Refund tool

In addition to the extra service you provide to your participants and sponsors via Medaltab, your organization also receive a cashback. This cashback varies from € 0,70 to € 2,00 per Medaltab sold. And that without investment or risk!
The benefits of Medaltab for your organization:
• Extra service for your participants
• Extra communication options for yourself and your sponsors
• No additional work for you as an organizer
• No queues at your event
• Cashback for your organization
• No investment or risk

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