Medal with colouring

By working with colour the medal gets its own look. For example, bright colours create a cheerful look and dark colours are more appropriate for a Mud Run or a Scary Run. With a colouring, your custom race medal really stands out! We can produce multiple colours in one medal, even on the back.

Colouring technique

You choose a basic colour variant. The design then decides which surfaces, figures or texts are to be coloured and with which PMS colour(s). By using colouring, edges or parts of the medal always remain visible in the basic colour variant. This is in contrast to the medal in PMS colour: with this medal option the entire medal is sprayed in one PMS colour.

Corporate style

If you want to bring your own corporate style, or the house style of your sponsor, to the attention of your participants, a medal with colouring is very appropriate. Some parts or your text can be coloured with the colours of your corporate style. We would be happy to make your own medal!

Transparent colouring and background structure

By combining two medal options, a really cool effect is created. First a background structure is applied to a part of the medal. The medal is then coloured with a transparent PMS colour. The structure is therefore still visible through the colouring.

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