Medal with segments

A segment medal, also called interlocking medal, is a medal that forms a whole together with other medals. However, the segment medal is also a unique design in itself. If the medal is not put together with other medals, this does not detract from the individual medal.

Segment medal for relays

In a relay race, several participants form one team. Each participant will be rewarded with a segment of the medal after the finish. All medals / segments of the team can be put together, making the total design visible.

Segment medal for running series or combi-classification

With a running series or combi-classification it is the intention that participants take part in several events. After each event, you will reward them with a segment medal, for example a marathon medal, a half marathon medal and a 10K medal or a run medal, bike medal and swim medal. All segment medals can be put together, making the total design visible. An extra incentive to participate in all events!

Segment medal for marathons

If you organize an annual marathon, or other distance, it is nice to introduce a new segment medal every year. Participants who return annually can put their medals / segments together. As a result, the design is expanded annually. This way it is possible to work out a complete story line in your medals. Let's design your bespoke running medals!
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