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FAQ for participants

What is Medaltab?
Medaltab is a beautifully engraved inlay for your medal. Medaltab gives your performance even more shine and your medal is truly unique!
What's on my Medaltab?
The organizer of the event determines which data are engraved on the Medaltabs. Usually both your name and official time are on the Medaltab. You did not order your Medaltab through the registration of the event, but via this website? Then you have the opportunity to choose another engrave on your Medaltab. In that case, we will engrave the text you indicated in the order form.
How do I order my Medaltab?
Choose your event. If the event still needs to take place, you only have to enter your race number. So, wait a while to order until your race number is known. The organizer will send us the data to be engraved after the event. If the event has already taken place, you enter the data to be engraved yourself. Then finish your order. After payment your Medaltab will be made and sent as soon as possible.
I have already indicated at my registration that I want a Medaltab. What now?
If you have ordered a Medaltab immediately upon registration, you do not have to do anything now. Your Medaltab will be sent to you as soon as possible after we have received the net results from the organizer.
The event I participate in is not in the list. How is that possible?
Medaltab is an exclusive product that is not yet used for all events. You can still place your order. Place your order under the event with the name other events and editions. Keep in mind that in that case there may not be a gap in the back of your medal; you stick the Medaltab on the back of your medal.
When will I receive my Medaltab?
Your Medaltab will be sent to you as soon as we have received the net results from the organizer. You will have the Medaltab at your disposal for a maximum of four weeks after the event.

How do I attach the Medaltab in the medal?
A gap has been made in the back of your medal. Your Medaltab fits exactly in this gap. All you have to do is remove the plastic protective film from the back of your Medaltab and then stick the insert into the gap on the back.
What does Medaltab cost?
The cost of Medaltab vary per event. Look up your event and see what’s the price. It is often cheaper to order your Medaltab directly when you register for the event.
How much are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs vary per country. The shipping costs in the Netherlands are € 1,- per Medaltab. Shipping costs in Europe are generally € 1,50 per Medaltab.
I do not live in the Netherlands. Can I order a Medaltab?
Yes, that's possible! When placing your order, you enter your address details and the shipping costs are calculated for you. In order to send your Medaltab to an address abroad, extra postage costs will be charged to you.
Will I receive my medal through Medaltab?
No, you will receive your medal immediately after the event. Your Medaltab is a personally engraved insert that fits exactly in your medal and makes your medal truly unique. You will receive your Medaltab by post.
I ordered a Medaltab but did not participate in the event. What now?
Unfortunately, that is for your own risk. We cannot make your Medaltab because you are not listed in the results. Unfortunately, we cannot give a refund.
What happens with my data?
Nothing. After engraving your inlay and sending it to the address you provided, your data will no longer be used or stored by us. Your data only serves for the correct processing of your order. We handle your data carefully. See also our Privacy Statement.
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