FAQ for organizers

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FAQ for organizers

What is the minimum order quantity for custom made medals?
The custom made medals are available from 100 pieces. Do you need fewer medals? Please contact us. For example, we can be of service with stock medals or standard medals, which are personalized through doming or sublimation stickers.
Who makes the design?
The medals are custom made for each event by Medaltime. The design of your medal is adjusted in consultation with your organization. Our professional DTP employees take care of the design proposals for free! Also interested or looking for a new and fresh design? Request your free design here!
Can I submit (a proposal for) a design myself?
Yes, that's possible! You can easily upload your complete design with your quote request. Maybe you don’t have a design yet, but some ideas or a logo or photo that you would like to see back in the design. Feel free to upload your images and write down your ideas in your application. Based on your wishes, we will make a design proposal.

How should I provide my logo or an image?
It is best to upload vector files. A vector file can easily be edited and enlarged or reduced. Examples of vector files are files with the extension .EPS, .AI or .PDF.
What are the size and thickness of the medals?
Every size and every thickness is available. Most events opt for a medal with a diameter of approx. 50 or 60 mm. By the way, the shape of the medals can also be freely determined by the design of the medals. The medal can therefore also be designed square, rectangular or in a completely free form. Medaltime supplies medals with a thickness of 3 mm as standard. This is an excellent quality. However, your medals can also be made thicker at an additional cost.
Which medal options does Medaltime offer?
You can choose from various options and techniques. Think for example of colouring, open elements and glow in the dark. For an overview of all medal options, take a look at the page styles & features.
Do the custom made medal come with a ribbon?
Yes, the medal comes with a plain or striped standard woven ribbon in the colour(s) of your choice. At additional cost, it is also possible to order unique full coloured printed deluxe satin custom medal ribbons, laces or chains. For an overview of all ribbon options, take a look at the page medal ribbons.
How much do custom made medals cost?
The price of a custom made medal depends on the size of the medal, the options you choose and the number of items you order. Our design proposals are always free. Based on the design, we are happy to provide you with an offer without obligation. A custom made medal may be cheaper than you think!
What is the delivery time of custom made medals?
The delivery time is standard about 13 weeks. At extra cost the medals can be delivered in approx. 6 to 7 weeks. A re-order can be delivered in approx. 4-6 weeks. Do you need the medals faster? Please contact us. For example, we can be of service with standard medals from stock, optionally with an engrave.
What is Medaltab?
With Medaltab you offer your participants an extra service. With a personalized inlay in the back of the custom made medal, each medal is truly unique. You sell Medaltab when registering your participants. Medaltab then takes care of the production, packaging and shipping. Your participants will receive a personal engraved tab after the event with their name and time, distance or other desired text. So, no extra work for you during or after the game! In addition, you prevent queues in this way.
How do I offer Medaltab to my participants?
Medaltab is offered to your participants immediately upon registration. After your event you send us the relevant data from the participants and we take care of the production and shipping. Even after your event, you can bring Medaltab once again to the attention of your participants. The post-registration for Medaltab is done via this website.
What's on the Medaltab of my participants?
The organizer of the event determines which data are engraved on the Medaltabs. Usually the participant’s name and the official time are engraved on the tab during running events. Walking and cycling events often choose the participant's name and the distance.
Does a Medaltab fit every medal?
Medaltime designs and produces a gap on the back of your custom made medal. A Medaltab fits exactly in this gap.
When will my participants receive their Medaltab?
When your event has taken place, you send us the details of your participants and we take care of the production and shipping of the Medaltabs. The Medaltabs are therefore sent as soon as possible after the event, after we have received the net results from you as organizer. If you or your sponsor wants to use a special envelope or letter to congratulate the participant, just tell us and we will make a tailor made proposal for you.
How can I use Medaltab as an organization?
Medaltab can in principle be applied to every event. Moreover, there are good opportunities for extra earnings for events (refund tool). Are you an organizer and interested in the possibilities? Then contact us without any obligation.
What does Medaltab cost?
Medaltab is a refund tool. The provision of Medaltab by an organizer to its participants does not involve any costs or risks. Medaltab is a tool for extra income. Each Medaltab sold will provide your organization with a cashback of € 0,70 to € 2,- incl. VAT. You collect the proceeds immediately upon registration. Once your event has ended, financial settlement will take place with Medaltab.
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