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The Rimi Riga Marathon, one of the fastest-growing marathons in Northern Europe and categorized as a Gold label Road Race by World Athletics, always has unique medals. Each year, one of Latvia’s well-known artists is entrusted with creating a different design for the marathon’s official running medals.

Medals from the past few years

In 2019, the design of the marathon medals was created by Artūrs Analts, the recipient of the main award "Best Design" at the London Design Biennale. The design of the 30th anniversary medals of the marathon was created by the Japanese artist Junichi Kawanishi, who is also the author of the Tokyo Olympic Games medals. The designs of the 2021 Riga Marathon shirts and medals were created by the head of the painting department of the Art Academy of Latvia, associate professor Kristiāns Brekte. As you can read, these are not the least names… The medal is actually a piece of art!

The medals of the 2023 edition

This year Riga welcomed 23.751 runners to Riga, including a significant number of foreign participants, namely 2.794 runners from 79 countries. All finishers received medals designed by Latvia’s most famous graphic artist, Paulis Liepa.

“The central image of the medal is a sweat drop, which is a tribute to the perseverance, endurance, and sweat spilled on the track by runners. It is also a striking reference to water as an essential element in the running process, both by replenishing fluid reserves in the human body and by considering that the marathon route circles around the streets and bridges of Riga, crossing the Daugava River multiple times. Meanwhile, the circular shape of the medal does not close off but rather indicates continuation, raising the bar to new heights and facing upcoming challenges.” Paulis Liepa

Medals for the World Athletics Road Running Championships

The Rimi Riga Marathon was a good dress rehearsal for the upcoming World Athletics Road Running Championships from September 30 to October 1. The uniqueness of these world championships lies in the fact that, not only in Latvia, but throughout the world, this is the first world championship in which everyone can take an active part not as a supporter, but as an officially registered participant.

The organisers of the Rimi Riga Marathon continue their annual tradition of making the works of Latvian artists central to the medal design. The official championship medals will be created, inspired by Niklāvs Strunke’s work and the Cubism of his time.

“We work in a special way with the organisers of the Rimi Riga Marathon and this year also the World Athletics Road Running Championships. Normally, our graphics team creates a customised medal proposal for our client. For the events in Riga, the design is done by artists. We always look forward to the design. What do we get to work on this time?! For us, the challenge for this organisation lies in the technical realisation and production of the medals. A great challenge! Can we also do something for your organisation? Leave your message and we will contact you soon.” Paul Selby

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