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You know Medaltime from our customised medals. But, did you know that you can also order BibBits race number magnets from Medaltime? With BibBits, participants easily attach their race number to the running shirt with four race number magnets. In this blog, we explain how you, as a running event organiser, can offer the BibBits through your registration form.

What are BibBits?

With BibBits, participants simply attach their race number to the running shirt with four race number magnets. One set of BibBits consists of eight magnets: four fronts and four backs. The race number is held firmly in place, even in wind and rain. The BibBits' light weight and rounded corners make them comfortable to wear. Moreover, running clothes are no longer damaged by the use of safety pins. With these durable race number magnets, safety pins are superfluous!

Easy to use
Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Fun and durable gadget

Offering BibBits via the registration form

The easiest way to offer BibBits is to put them on your entry form. Moreover, you will earn an attractive cashback for your organisation! We are happy to explain how this works in four simple steps.

1. Addition to your registration form
Your account manager coordinates the customised design for the BibBits with you. Optionally, we also provide the accompanying card in your house style. Add the BibBits as an optional item to your online registration form. You will receive a nice image and accompanying text for this.

2. Send the order list to PROM'ES
During the registration period you do not need to worry about your BibBits. Experience tells us that about five or ten percent of the registrants order the BibBits. You can boost sales by presenting the BibBits in your newsletter or on your social media channels. A few weeks before your event, provide the numbers ordered.

3. PROM'ES takes care of the production of the BibBits
The BibBits race number magnets are delivered from stock. To print and package the BibBits, we work together with a local sheltered workshop.

4. BibBits commission for your organisation
By selling the BibBits, you earn a nice extra for your organisation.

Example calculation BibBits earnings

There are 2,000 participants taking part in your event.
You sell the BibBits to 7.5% of your participants.
Commission per set for 50-499 sets sold: €2.50.

7.5% x 2,000 = 150 sets
150 sets x € 2.50 commission = € 375 profit for your organisation

And that's without investment or risk!
You only pay for the number ordered and are not left with unsold stock.

Interested in BibBits race number magnets?

The following events, among others, preceded you: the Vienna City Marathon, the Berlin Marathon and the Amsterdam Marathon. Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Feel free to contact us without obligation!

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