Glass medals

Glass medals are a unique reward for your participants. Sometimes also used as winners medals. Considering the elegant appearance, the glass medal is in particular appropriate for Ladies Runs. The glass medal is also often used as a reward for business participants.

Specifications glass medals

The glass medal comes with a facet or smooth edge and is approx. 8 mm thick. The diameter is variable from approx. 50 to 80 mm. Absolute top quality! The glass medals are delivered including a 25 mm medal ribbon (striped or plain) and are packed in matching luxury gift boxes (various colours available).

Glass medal with engrave

The glass medal comes with its own engraved design. We laser engrave this design on the medal. Laser engraving is a modern engraving method: the material is processed with a laser beam. As with any engraving method, the engrave comes into the material. Your imprint therefore has a  chic white colour by burning away the glass. Of course you will always receive a free design before you order medals and ribbons. Let's design a medal now!
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