[BLOG] Order medals during Corona

A headache for many events: ordering medals during Corona. Due to COVID-19, many countries have to deal with (partial) lockdowns and events are cancelled. As an organizer you are left with your medals, often with the event date: a shame of course! With the continuing uncertainty, we are happy to give you a number of practical solutions to be able to place your medal order.

First have the medal mould made

The delivery time of the medals consists of making the medal mould, the medals themselves and the transport. Is it still uncertain whether your event can take place? In any case, have the medal mould produced. You can transmit the exact number of medals at a later time. And will the event be cancelled after all? Then you only pay the costs for the mould.

Year on the ribbon

Traditionally, the year is mentioned on many medals. People who participate in your event annually appreciate this very much. Special times, however, require creative solutions. Think about putting the year number on the ribbon. If the event is cancelled this year, Medaltime can easily and cheaply replace the ribbons.

Indicate the edition

Many regular participants of your event keep all medals and it is important that the medal clearly states which edition it concerns. Are you organizing a virtual event this year? Mention for example: "Virtual Edition" or "Home Edition". If necessary, this can be combined with the year.

Ps. Meanwhile, PROM'ES, the sister of Medaltime, has been able to facilitate more than 40 virtual events for running, cycling and walking events with its live tracking app! More info? Please feel free to contact us.

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Medal packaging for Virtual Events

Medaltime has designed a special format packaging for Virtual Events. The packaging is entirely created with a full colour design in your own corporate identity. The medals are individually packed and delivered to your delivery address. The medals can then be delivered to the participants by post. Of course Medaltime can also deliver the medals directly to the participants.

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