[BLOG] Bart at the start in Berlin!

Colleague Bart pushes his limits in 2019 by participating in the Berlin Marathon on September the 29th. In this interview he tells more about his preparations for covering the most legendary distance of 42,195 km.

The MARATHON, the ultimate running goal ...

Bart: "Yes, that's right! The marathon is the ultimate running goal. And I have something to make up for! Last year I would run the Paris marathon with a colleague. Unfortunately, I sustained an upper leg injury during soccer so I had to drop out. When the opportunity arose to run the marathon in Berlin, I didn't have to think long!"

"Last year, I missed the Paris Marathon due to an injury, so I honestly can't wait to make it up to Berlin. The hotel room has already been booked! ", Bart.

Why Berlin?

"Because Berlin is one of the largest marathons in Europe and one of the six World Marathon Majors!
In addition, this year PROM’ES provides the custom made medals for the first time. This year I also provided the medals for the AVON Frauenlauf, the Berliner Halbmarathon and the Adidas Runners City Night for organizer SCC Events. These have become very cool medals. I also know what my reward is when I cross the finish line in Berlin! "
Bart has never been to Berlin and is also curious about the city itself. "Berlin has a beautiful trail along many historic sites, that makes this marathon extra special."

Has a target time been set?

Bart: "My target time for Paris was under 3.5 hours, so I want to go for that again. My condition is usually good, so I am confident. On the other hand, it will be my first marathon, so finishing is the most important thing!"

And are you on schedule?

Bart trains three times a week and alternates quiet, relatively short laps with interval training and long-distance training. "I have had some problems with my Achilles tendon, so I did not walk for two weeks, but I compensated by going cycling. In the meantime I am completely fit again and I am almost back on my schedule."

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