[BLOG] Medals with stained glass effect

Old mansions and churches often have beautiful stained glass windows. The use of different colours of glass in combination with the incident light creates a colourful representation. Medaltime can also design your medal with such a unique stained glass effect!

The stained glass technique

A certain element is left open when designing your stained glass medal. During production, the open space is filled with a special transparent material. Because of the vulnerability, no real glass is used for your medal, but a synthetic material (resin). This material is available in any desired colour!

[CASE 1] AVON Frauenlauf - Berlin

Nearly 18,000 women ran together during the 36th edition of the AVON Frauenlauf Berlin. Various running, walking and Nordic walking competitions were held for charity between the Brandenburger Tor and the Siegessäule. Traditionally, one euro of the entry fee of each adult female runner went to the Berlin Cancer Society. The amount was increased by title sponsor AVON to € 25,000.

Organizer SCC Events always rewards its participants with unique custom medals. This Ladies Run medal traditionally has a feminine appearance and can be worn as jewellery by the participants. This year SCC Events opted for a pink stained glass effect. The photos below show how beautifully the sunlight falls through the medal. The full colour neck ribbon with the slogan "Lache Lebe Liebe Laufe" makes the medal really complete!

[CASE 2] Arctic SnowShoe Race - Tromsø

The Midnight Sun Marathon Foundation introduced a new winter run in the snow, the "Arctic SnowShoe Race". Participants could choose from two distances, the 5 km and the 10 km. The start took place at the Kvaløysletta Ski Stadium, after which the participants made a gentle climb to about 150 meters above sea level. Then towards the tree line, through the beech forest and with a loop through the open wetlands back to the finish at the Ski Stadium.

At the finish all participants were rewarded with a unique medal. The design of the medal fits well with this arctic event. For example, there are ice stars engraved on the edge and of course the snowshoes are also included in the design. The most striking is of course the stained glass effect, where the colour blue is chosen, which symbolizes air, water and coolness.

Free design for a medal with stained glass effect

The stained glass effect can be applied in various ways in medals, as the above cases show. The possibilities are endless. For an Urban Run, for example, a medal based on a monument with stained glass can be designed. The stained glass medal is also extremely suitable for a Colour Run. Request a free design now!

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